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RDM-40S Optical Power Meter | Best price in Bangladesh

Optical Power Meter:
The elaboration of OPM is Optical Power Meter. It is a digital measurement tools of optical signal power.
With an Optical Power Meter we can test the average optical signal power in optical fiber.
It also called as photometers, light meters or lux meters, laser power meters, radiometers etc.
It also can be used as Photodiode sensors or Thermopile laser sensors.
It has other kind functions for test. Which are OLS power measurement, VFL measurement, or as sub-system in a modular instrument.
There are 3 types of detectors used in Optical Power Meter. These are silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge),  Indium-Gallium-Arsenide (InGaAs).

Features of RDM-40s Optical Power Meter:
– Max.+26dBm OPM with 500 data storage
– RJ45 net cable testing
– 20mW VFL for fast fault location
– Micro USB charging port
– LED light for dark environment
– Built in lithium-ion battery
– OPM & VFL connector
– LCD display
– Backlight key
– REF & LED key

Description of RDM-40s Optical Power Meter:
There are 3 types of detectors, but in this particular model of RDM-40S Optical Power Meter used InGaAs (Indium-Gallium-Arsenide).

For re-charging RDM-40S Optical Power Meter has A micro USB port. It has  2.5mm universal OPM connector.
The wavelength response range is 700 – 1700nm. It’s Calibrated Wavelengths is 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm and it’s Display Range is -50~+26dBm.
RDM-40S Optical Power Meter has 20mW VFL power and
It’s weight is 100g and dimension is 59mm*98mm*27mm.

RDM-40S Optical Power Meter’s running storage temperature  is -20~60C  <90%RH. It’s operating temperature is -10~50C <90%RH.

User opinion of RDM-40s Optical Power Meter:
The RDM-40S Optical Power Meter is a very reliable device than any other switches. We can assure you after receiving of after sell service.

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