DASAN V5808 | 8 port GPON OLT | Best price in Bangladesh

Overview of DASAN V5808:

DASAN V5808 OLT device is one of many finest OLT device. Now these days a lots of company producing and marketing various model of OLT devices.
But on current FTTx market trend DASAN V5808 already spelled it’s magic on our local market. Some of our seller already ensured the quality of service of DASAN V5808 OLT.  It’ll be a best choice to purchase a DASAN OLT device initially to run a FTTx network related business.
DASAN V5808 OLT device will be a toughest competitor on the competition of any ISP business field. This device will ensure a great quality of service with it’s unbeatable sophisticated technical features.
Here, in this article you’ll find all the technical specifications with detail information of DASAN V5808 OLT device. Also as a wholesaler, we have the raw information of users and their feedback also.
DASAN V5808 Features:
– Earthing (To prevent unexpected electric shock)
– LED indicator
– 8x GPON ports
– 4x 1GbE ports (10/100/1000Base-T)
– 4x 10GbE ports (Optical interface, SFP+)
– 2x PSU Module (AC/DC Power supply)
– 1x MGMT port (Out of band TMN OS Interface to configure)
– 1x CONSOLE port (CLI access to configure system)
– 1x USB port v2.0
DASAN V5808 Description:
DASAN V5808 OLT device has 8x GPON ports. Which is SFP, SC/PC type supported. It’s switching capacity 128Gbps / Throughput 95.24Mbps.
DASAN V5808 OLT device has an integrated powerful SoC.  It’s normally operate on (-20°C ~ 60°C) temperature. So that, warm weather country like Eastern Asian or desert won’t be a barrier to manage this OLT. Also it’s storage temperature is (-40°C ~ 80°C). It’s humidity is 5% ~ 90% non condensing.
DASAN V5808 OLT device has dual power supply unit (PSU) for AC & DC both. Dual PSU is very useful for redundant and load balancing. For any electronics device, over current/voltage flow is very harmful. So this device has grounding facility to avoid unexpected overflow current/voltage.
To run this OLT by DC power it required 48/60V. For AC power it required voltage 100-240V 50-60Hz. This device’s power consumption in DC is 61W and for AC power consumption is 60W.
The DASAN V5808 contains 4 optical interface ports for SFP/SFP+ modules. DASAN V5808 OLT is a GPON OLT. It supports 4K port-ID, 1K alloc-ID, Supports ITU-T G.984.4 OMCI, Supports ITU-T G.984.3 amd2.
DASAN V5808 OLT has LED indicator for understanding its running state. PWR LED for showing the status the power, RUN LED stand for boot, ERR LED stands for error showing. USB LED stands for it’s working status. PSU-A & PSU-B LED stands for power unit status, FAN-A & FAN-B LED stands for whether it running temperature is normal or not. And the port LED stands for the status of the ports.
DASAN V5808 OLT device is a L2 device. It has supported 4K VLAN. It support jumbo frame of up to 9KB. It has doubled the IEEE802.1Q for stacking, Spanning tree (PVRSTP, MSTP, STP/PVSTP+ compatible). Also DASAN V5808 OLT has the capability of link aggregation Static & LACP both.
DASAN V5808 OLT can configure by Serial connection or Telnet  for CLI interface access. Also SNMP v1, v2, v3, RADIUS/TACACS authentication, SSH, System log (volatile, non-volatile and remote).
DASAN V5808 OLT has some serious feature to ensure advance security.
It has port based  MAC authentication 802.1x standard. Also it has storm control of unknown packets for broadcast, multicast and unicast. For Multicast DASAN V5808 OLT has IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping, IGMPv1/v2 Proxy, MLD snooping and MLD proxy. It has integrated DoS protection for block unauthorized traffic. It has Out-of-band management for bandwidth limit overload problem manage.
Also it has source guard for IP, Secure Shell (SSH) for HTTP/HTTPS protocol networking, RADIUS/Tacacs+, Martian Filter and DAI.
It’s dimensions (W x D x H) 440 mm x 300 mm x 44 mm.
DASAN V5808 GPON OLT is most reliable device than any other device like VSOL OLT, BDCOM OLT, RicherLink OLT, HUWEI OLT. From the recent feedback of after selling service of this DASAN V5808 GPON OLT, we can assure you this DASAN V5808 GPON OLT device one of a best kind.
If anyone want to business to provide internet service or manage any corporate area then DASAN V5808 OLT will be best choice.

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