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Optical multi meter

Applications: # Power Meter # Visual Fault Locator (VFL) # UTP Cable Tester # power receive: -50 from 26 dB # Torch lightsupported cat 5 & 6

Redon Optical Power Meter and VFL

product features Optical power tester(10Mw or 1Mw red light). With open user self-calibration function. Using battery No. 5, the optical. power continuously works for up to 40 hours, and the 10mW red light source is connected. Continuous working limo 13 hours. 1mW red light continuous working limo 42 hours, the optical power tester adopts linear (mw) and nonlinear indicator (dem) same screen display mode. Unique FC/SC/ST universal interface, Simple and convenient conversion Optional automatic shutdown function. Optional open / clan backlight display function Optional long / flicker light.

Senter-ST800K-B-Optical Power Meter

With a wide range of functions, ST800K-U optical power meter is a powerful tool for use in fiber-optic installation and maintenance. Its rugged, durable construction makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of field applications. ST800K-U Optical Power Meter can test optical power within the range of 800~1700nm wave length. There are 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm, six kinds of wavelength calibration points. It can be used for linearity and non-linearity test and it can display both direct and relative test of optical power. This meter can be widely used in the test of LAN, WAN, metropolitan network, CATV net or long-distance fiber net and other situations.

Senter-ST805c-X-PON Power Meter

ST805C-X PON Power Meter is specifically designed for the PON network construction and maintenance. It’s a useful site test tool for the engineers and maintenance operators of PON network of FTTX. It can perform in-service testing of all PON signals (1310/1490/1550nm) on any spot of the network. Pass/fail analysis is conveniently realized through users’ adjustable threshold of every wavelength. 

SyRotech-Optical Power Meter

OTDR – Full function OTDR that also allows live fiber testing (1310/1490/1550) PON Power Meter – Can check OLT/ONU, very useful for Internet providers. OPM – Optical Power meter +26 to -50 dB. VFL – Check fiber faults visually, Optical power is 5mw. LTDR – Measure the length, Breaking point, Short circuit point, Distance between 2 points For network cables, Coaxial cables and other cables & wires. Network Test – Check network health, No need of laptop, Check Internet speed. Link Test – Can check ping to the router/Gateway. Line Test – Check break/Shorting point in the copper cat-5/6 cables. Line Search – Find under the wall or cable in the control room.