Norton 360 Deluxe Overview | Best Antivirus Protection in Bangladesh

What Does a Antivirus Do:
In comparison with the old days, our modern world has been changed dramatically. And still it’s changing rapidly everyday.

After the stone age, today’s modern era is so different because of being digitization everything.
Digitization makes our life more easier than before. Now we can’t imagine a single day without using digital products like smartphone, computer, various gadgets etc.

All of these digital goods run with various protocol (set of networking & programming rules). Which maintain with multiple programming language. And Most importantly, every programming language has different kind of vulnerability. So, the users of digital goods are in a risk of data stealing, hacking, credential information leaking etc.

Here comes the importance of using a antivirus. Antivirus will be a guard for digital goods. Protect personal information, keep safe financial security information, protect unauthorized access on server, computer, laptop, PC, smartphone or infecting a network.

This way antivirus will keep safe  and prevent from Stealing Data, hacking, Spamming, ARP poisoning, DDOS attacking, Browser hijacking, man in the middle attack etc.

Features of Norton 360 Deluxe:
– Dark Web Monitoring
– PC SafeCam
– Privacy Monitor
– Parental Control
– School Time
– 100% Virus Protection Promise
– Password Manager
– Smart Firewall
– Cloud Backup (50 GB)
– Online Threat Protection
– Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware Protection

Specialty of Norton 360 Deluxe Than Others:

  • Monitoring Feature For Dark Web

Dark webs are an insignificant section of the internet. Where anonymity criminal activities can go wild. People can meet in dark web to trade cash and sell or buy illicit items. Cyber criminals are able to meet in secretly via dark web through the internet to purchase and sell illegally-sourced information, as well.

Law enforcement agencies always keep an eye on dark web marketplaces. They also try to trace the users of devices which are accessing dark web.

  • SafeCam Feature For Personal Computer

From getting unauthorized access to the user’s webcam & microphone, Norton 360 Deluxe SafeCam feature will help to keep safe user’s from hacker.

The webcam & microphone built into a computer can be a fantastic method to stay in contact with friends and family members or business acquaintances. However, it’s very susceptible for hacking by getting unauthorized access. Through Norton 360 Deluxe SafeCam features, user will get alerted when hackers attempt to access webcam or microphone. Then user can block or allow the access of webcam & microphone. Norton 360 Deluxe SafeCam features checks the software & users who request to access webcam and allow users to choose options for block or allow access to users webcam.

  • Privacy Monitoring Feature

Personal information like user address, personal contact number, date of birth, credit card information, saved password, visited website, commonly searched keyword etc is legally accessible to the public for free or purchase on numerous black market sites. Those black market also known as data broker websites.

After Norton 360 Deluxe purchase user can activate Privacy Monitor feature. It’ll keep search popular websites of data brokers for personal information. Then user can opt-out of using Data Broker. Which gives user more control over users online privacy.

  • Parental Control Feature

Do parents know what their kids are doing online, what apps have they downloaded, what website they are visiting, with whom kids are contacting on social media, what videos have they watched, what are they searching for

The world has changed a lot. There’s innumerable number of scammer & spammers on social media with inappropriate interesting contents and risky dark web’s websites.
These information are very important for all parents. So, Norton 360 Deluxe providing a feature which has controlling capability for parents. With this feature parents can monitor & control.

If users want to protect their kids from online dangers, Then Norton 360 Deluxe providing a feature for Parental Control. Which will gives users to help monitor, set limits and block inappropriate content for their kids.

  • Password Manager

Norton 360 Deluxe has a feature to same and manage password. It has the functions of Audit password, Password generator, Password changer by single click, Unlimited password storage, Password vault auditor, Biometric login for mobile users, 2 Factor authentication etc

  • Cloud Backup

Norton 360 Deluxe provide a solution for storage problem. After purchase Norton 360 Deluxe, users will get 50GB cloud storage. Users can access and store data from anywhere.

Necessity of Norton 360 Deluxe:
Norton 360 Deluxe is one of the best antivirus in the world. It has all the necessary security functions which is very reliable for any level of users.

Also many giant organization uses Norton 360 Deluxe for ensure their safety from hackers. And, Norton 360 Deluxe handled it’s responsibility respectively.

It’s subscriptions fee is very budget friendly compare to other antivirus on current market.

Usage Statistics of Norton 360 Deluxe:
After discussing all the features of Norton 360 Deluxe and analyze the usage statistics of various users on internet we can assure you that Norton 360 Deluxe one of a best kind of antivirus currently.

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