RicherLink RL8004EL | 4 port EPON OLT | Best price in Bangladesh

EPON Technology in FTTx Networking:
EPON is stand for Ethernet Passive Optical Network. It is one of the fine technology of FTTx networking. EPON technology used in Optical Line Terminal (ONU). Which is associated with Ethernet-based Passive Optical Network (PON) technology.

This FTTx networking technology uses LAN (Local Area Network) more than ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) cells.

Also, Ethernet Passive Optical Network technology uses a point-to-multipoint communication model. It’s conjointly uses web Protocol (IP) to Transmit & Receive (Tx/Rx) information, data, voice & video.

RicherLink RL8004EL Features:
– 4x EPON Ports
– 2x GE Ports (SFP, Uplink Optical Interface)
– 2x 10GE Ports (SFP)
– 4x GE Ports (ETH, Uplink Ethernet Interface)
– 1x MGMT Port
– 1x CONSOLE Port
– Splitting Ration 1:64
– User-friendly web interface
– User-Friendly CLI interface Management System
– Dual power supply (AC & DC)
– L3 Switching Features
– Alarm (LED indication)
– Weight: 4.5 KG
– 64k MAC Address
– 4k VLAN

RicherLink RL8004EL Description:
The RicherLink RL8004EL OLT device is self-developed. It’s one of the best 1U EPON OLT equipment for FTTx networking.

The RL8004EL OLT device has 4x Downstream EPON ports. So it can manage 256 users perfectly at a time. It has 2x SFP GE Ports. It can be use for Uplink Optical Interface. It has 2x 10GE SFP Ports. Also it has 4x GE ETH Ports. Which can be use for Uplink Ethernet Interface.

The 1U pizza box design is for easy to installation, Maintenance and space saving. RL8004EL EPON OLT is suitable for Broadcast 3 in 1. It can broadcast video surveillance network, enterprise LAN, Internet of Things, etc at a time. This OLT configuration require less technical expert but definitely good knowledgeable on networking .

RicherLink RL8004EL Specialty:
RL8004EL EPON OLT has 4 EPON ports. It supported split ratio is 1:64. It means exactly 4*(1:64) = 256 different connections are accessible directly from the RL8004EL OLT. But RL8004EL EPON OLT can expand the end-user limit by the VLAN configuration facility.

In the RL8004EL EPON OLT has 4x GE Ethernet ports. It means any uplink connections from thernernet cable can be link up the OLT. Also it has 2x GE SFP port and 2x 10GE SFP port.

In the RL8004EL EPON OLT the power provide unit or PSU for computer converts AC to low-tension regulated DC power for the interior parts of a laptop. within the fashionable age of power provides A power provide is Associate in Nursing electronic circuit that converts the voltage of Associate in Nursing AC (AC) into an immediate current (DC) voltage. It primarily consists of the subsequent elements: electrical device, rectifier, filter, and regulator circuits

RL8004EL EPON OLT is slim 442×300mm× 44mm (W * D *H)) and lightweight ( ~4.5 KG). This mid-priced OLT includes a specific target market in worldwide.

RL8004EL OLT has port broadcast or multi-broadcast restrain to keep safe users. Also it has integrated software protection for DDOS attack. It has specialized anti ARP spoofing deceive defend protections

This RL8004EL EPON OLT includes PVID (Port VLAN identifier) and VLAN of GE Port, VLAN of PON port. RL8004EL OLT has command line interface and internet interface. (VLAN mode facility).

RL8004EL OLT FTTH has very user-friendly web interface to configuration to run smoothly. Also it can be configure from command-line interface (CLI) management system.

So, the RicherLink RL8004EL OLT device can provide perfect solution to the users with best security.

Opinion on the RL8004EL EPON OLT:
This RL8004EL EPON OLT is a very reliable device than VSOL OLT, BDCOM OLT, DASAN OLT, HUWEI OLT. From the recent overview of after selling service of this RL8004EL EPON OLT, we can assure you this RL8004EL EPON OLT device one of a best kind.

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